Sunday, August 7, 2011

Horse Racing Handicapping Betting and Picking Winners

By Bill Peterson

Whether you're one of the old sweats who has been playing the ponies since Seabiscuit was a foal or a neophyte who wouldn't know a trifecta from a pick six, there is always a little something you can learn from talking with other horse players. I find that some of the most unlikely ideas come from the most, well, the most unlikely sources. Though something may sound like absolute hogwash when you first hear it, I think it is good to keep an open mind and see what you can observe after someone touts a horse racing system or angle.

There is one caveat I'd like to present, though, right off the bat, or out of the gate. Just because something worked when you checked it, don't expect it to work again or to be profitable over time. This universe has a funny old sense of humor and seems to get more than its fair share of humor by playing tricks on people who work hard to make money betting on horses.

For one thing, there really is such a thing as beginner's luck. I've seen it happen many times. Should you take a beginner to the race track and bet what he or she picks? Absolutely not. It is called beginner's luck because it is for the beginner, not you. If you go messing around with it, you'll spoil the whole deal. Let the beginner have a good time and enjoy a lucky day at the track. Trust me, if he or she goes back expecting the same kind of easy pickings, the universe will exact its revenge.

I've heard some crazy ideas over the years and have looked at the races for the next few days to see if they were based on truth and sure enough, they seemed to show a profit. Then I lay my money down and guess what? Everything is changed. It is like the cosmic joker waits for old Peterson to get the granny knot out of his hanky so he can extract a few nickels and plunk them down on the latest brainstorm only to throw the old switch and turn it all off.

It is sad but true that some poor folks have even been lured into cashing out their homes and life savings only to play a sure fire system that they had thoroughly tested over months or even years only to see their dreams dissolve like the morning mist over a training track.

That brings me to this final bit of wisdom that I'd like to share with every horse player in the world, though some of you already know it. Almost anything will work some of the time, but nothing works all the time.

That means you need to pay attention and watch for changing trends and streaks because horse racing handicapping and betting is a constantly changing game.

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