Sunday, August 7, 2011

How to Organize Your Thinking for Horse Racing Handicapping Success

By Bill Peterson

One of the problems we handicappers face when we're looking for good bets is keeping our thoughts organized so that we can make good decisions. Picking winners and making money from our bets is all about how well we make complicated judgments. That being said, the more we can simplify and arrange our thinking the better we will perform.

Do you have a regular handicapping routine? If not, consider starting one and doing your horse racing handicapping in an orderly and systematic way. Start with steps and make each step lead in chronological and hierarchical order to the next step. The final step, of course, is determining if the odds being offered are fair value odds and you should bet.

The way you get there can be your own private method as long as you operate the same way each time so your system becomes a habit. I think it all starts with how you care for yourself. Get enough sleep the night before you play the races. A little exercise, such as a twenty minute walk, if that is possible, is good, too, because it stimulates blood flow and facilitates thinking. It also relaxes and that is something we can all use more of.

The next step is how you collect the data you use and what source(s) of information you use. If you use one or two suppliers of past performances and always use the same sheets, you'll be familiar with their data and also find your way around much easier. You should always use the most accurate information you can find and finding the past performances that suit your own style is a must.

We each have body rhythms that dictate when our minds are the sharpest and we have the most energy and insight. Some people are morning people and others are afternoon people or even night owls. It doesn't matter which kind you are as long as you respect that biological clock and handicap when you're at your best. Try to always handicap at the same time so you get used to the routine and concentrating as deeply as you can.

First start by scanning the races and noting which ones are the kind you play. If you play only maidens, then find them and mark them. Start by eliminating races based on whatever criteria you use to find playable races. Then start the actual evaluation of each race by boiling the numbers down, finding speed figure averages, class, etc. Put the horses into a hierarchy based on each ones speed, class, connections, etc.

By the time you are done that actual evaluation should be pretty straightforward and just a matter of comparing the numbers and relating that to the probability of a win.

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